allllll the love

Last Thursday night, The Dada and I had a mid-week date. Fantastic. I highly recommend it. The Dada ordered one of The Kidling’s favorite things and saved just enough for her to have it for lunch the next day.

While Alice was eating her lunch on Friday, I mentioned how nice I thought it was that her father had saved some of his extra-tasty, super-fancy dinner just for her. She wholeheartedly agreed. Which started this sweet little exchange:

The Mama: Alice, do you think you have the best dad, or is there a better dad out there somewhere?

Alice: (smiling) Best dad.

The Mama: Do you think you have the best mom, or is there a better mom out there?

Alice: Best mom.

The Mama: You know what, Kiddo? We think you’re the best kid, too.

Alice: I feel really loved because of alllll the love you give me.

(Cue melting heart)

I should note that Alice is prone to extraordinary honesty. She does not hesitate to tell me that I am not her favorite person in the world. In fact, she tells me that often (followed by, “. . . but I do still love you.”). So this was an awfully heartwarming conversation to have with my ultra-candid daughter.

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