liar liar, pants on fire

The Kidling and I were driving to Target on Wednesday. While I associate the store with cheap pull-ups and affordable mass-market design (and that wickedly irresistible dollar section up front…), Alice thinks Target = popcorn. When she found out where we were headed, she began her typical routine:Mo-om! I’m hungry. Can I please have some popcorn? And one of those things? That’s like a smoothie?”*

It was nearly lunchtime, and The Kidling had an empty belly. I’m really not okay with filling an empty belly with junk. And that is precisely what I told Alice. As the conversation/rationalization commenced, there was music playing the background. There is usually music in the background. This time, however, it was just too good: Cat Stevens. “If You Want to Sing Out.”

(you know you want to listen… in fact, I highly recommend you click this little YouTube video** and resume reading while it plays in the background)

Alice: He said you can do what you want. We can’t do what we want.

The Mama: Why?

Alice: Because you’re the boss. I don’t think he’s thinking about us. I think he’s thinking about when you’re a big kid. Then you can do what you want.

(perfectly timed music: you can do what you want…)

Alice: He said we can do what we want. I want him to stop!

At which point I immediately parked the car and wrote down every word out of The Kidling’s mouth.

* Yep. An Icee. A nutritionist’s/dentist’s/launderer’s worst nightmare.

** Courtesy of rollingstone99. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “liar liar, pants on fire

  1. I had one of those days yesterday where conversations I had seemed to line up with the music that came on the radio. I was explaining what a prescription was to my son, which got me thinking about the SNL cowbell sketch. “I’ve got a fever, and the doctor says the only cure is more cowbell!” Well within 5 minutes that very song came on the radio. I couldn’t believe it.

    On a separate note, I completely agree that empty bellies should most definitely not be filled with junk.

    • Isn’t it just bizarre when that happens?! The universe was telling us something, dontcha think?
      And thanks for the support re: empty bellies. Junk is good, but most certainly best for topping off almost-full bellies.

    • Always. I’ve been known to capture long-winded musings in magic marker and construction paper. Anything I can grab. The Kidling is so prolific, I should probably keep a recording device constantly running…

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