awards i will never (ever) get

I was thinking yesterday about the way every parent performs parenthood so differently. I don’t mean performs as in “acts” (though I hear there’s some kind of television show about that very topic. I might be a bit better off financially if, in fact, I could act the part). I do mean the things that make a parent the exact parent he or she is: the tasks, routines, language, tone, rules, exceptions…

This train of thought lead me to a very specific incident a couple of years ago…

December 2009, very nearly 2 years old

Alice hasn’t been sleeping well for a few nights. And she’d had a fever. Crucial point: The Kidling had a ton of ear infections when she was little. Like, all of the time. Well, this particular evening in the car, she started yelling, “Ear! Ear!”

Now let’s pause for a moment. You might think that, as the parent of a child with a history of ear infections who hasn’t been sleeping well and has a fever, I might put two and two together. Right? Yeah, wrong. So, so very wrong. Because when Alice was talking about her ear in the car that day, it seems as though her ear drum was bursting at that very moment. Yikes. When we got home, we noticed her ear was filled with blood. Afterwards, she had no more pain.  We took her to the doctor the following morning and, sure enough, that sucker had burst.

 And this, dear readers, is why The Mama will never (ever) be nominated for the parent of the year award.

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2 thoughts on “awards i will never (ever) get

  1. This remind me of a similar situation between my daughter and I last year. She was outside on her skateboard… I know, i know… my first mistake was letting a 12 yr old girl try to ride a skateboard…Anyways, she was outside with her friends riding her skateboard when next thing I know she’s running in the house crying and holding her arm. Usually, I would panic, but she only cried for a moment, then laughed… till her friend walked away. Well, she told me her arm hurt, but dumb old me was like, “Well it’s not blue or swollen and you can move it, so it doesnt look broken.” I say this while I’m moving her poor arm every which way it’ll move and she’s saying, “Momma stop that hurts, stop it please!” Finally after an hour of having her dad and the neighbor and the other other neighbor and some of our friends exam her arm… cause they think they know it all… I load her up and take her to the ER. Well, turns out… never underestimate the kid for one and for two, when they tell you it hurts, it really hurts. She broke the INSIDE of her elbow, like the inner socket part… who knew you could even brake that!!! Boy did I feel like the worst mom ever not to say I felt like a moron too.
    Anyways… thought I’d share that cause your post reminded me of that and it was fantastic!

    • Okay, that would really suck. A lot. Ultimately, we are all human, right? Even when we miss the (painfully) obvious signs. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in that!


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