the story

Oh. my. word.

Sometimes when my kid starts talking, she simply does not stop. As was the case Friday, when she told me this story during lunch:

“Can I have that book with the pretend comb? ‘Cause I need to look fancy”


“I’m going to a wedding.”


“My mommy cat is going to marry another daddy. The president. And I am sad that she is not going to marry me because she is the only cat in the whole wide world who loves me. The other cats are mean to me, and they say my nose… has bugs in it.”

“How many more bites do I need to have?”

“They tried to tie me in a knot in a tree so I can’t get out because they don’t like me. And those cats don’t like toilet paper and they just use fur to wipe their bottoms and now I’m sad. And that tree had a swing for someone to swing on and they knocked down the tree and I’m sad because that’s the only tree in our backyard and they wanted to knock down the tree to have the wood to make a pathway.”

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