not your mommy!

November 2009, 22 months old

Not Your Mommy—a play in one (incredibly brief) scene

Act One, Scene One, (also the Finale)                                                                                 

Setting: A small daycare, in the toddler room. It is morning, and most of the kids have already arrived. Mother, Christine and daughter, Alice walk into the room

Christine:  Hello! (spots her niece, Stella and her friend’s daughter Anna)  Hi Anna, how are you?  Good morning Stella!

Stella:  Hi, Christine! (walks over to give Christine a hug.  They hug)

Alice starts to cry and clings to Christine, pushing Stella away.  Stella reacts by more dramatically insisting on hugging Christine.  Chaos ensues.  Stella turns around to sit on Christine’s lap. Alice continues to shove Stella and whine.  Other toddlers gather to watch the crazy scene.

One little girl steps forward.

Girl (to Stella, with stern voice): NOT YOUR MOMMY!

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