I was thinking this morning about getting started on thank you notes for the early gifts we have gotten. This summer I started having Alice dictate her thank you notes to me (She is a genius, but at 3.9 years old, she still can’t write. Slacker.) My theory is that it will help her learn to express her gratitude honestly. And, of course, that it will delight recipients. The first exercise yielded pretty terrific results. A dear friend gave Alice a set of darling barrettes, and this is the note she composed:


I love you. And thanks. (Is that nice, mom?) I really like them so much. I’m talking about that I get to keep them forever.



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4 thoughts on “dear.

  1. Thanks, Clare! It can be so sweet and entertaining. One I sent last week included the line, “I have a smile on my face” and ended with, “I’m finished now.” I just love this stuff.

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